Conviron is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of plant growth chambers and rooms for plant science and agricultural biotechnology research


Conviron Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers

Reach-In Plant Growth Chambers

For precise control of temperature, light, humidity and other environmental parameters within flexible and space-efficient designs. Compare Products

Conviron Walk-In Plant Growth Rooms

Walk-In Plant Growth Rooms

For larger scale, higher throughput applications that demand uniformity of environmental conditions throughout a larger growth space. Compare Products


Conviron Growth House Plant Growth Walk-In Room

Conviron Growth House™

Offers the exceptional growth capacity of a greenhouse with precise environmental controls you find in a plant growth chamber. Read more

Custom Controlled Environment Solutions

Custom Solutions

Whether your research requires single or multiple complex plant growth chambers, we create high-performance environments for your unique requirements. Read more

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Argus Control Systems

Argus Control Systems

Leader in advanced automated control systems for plant growth chambers and greenhouses. Read more

Custom Entomology Room

Custom Entomology Room

A custom engineered walk-in chamber providing extremely stable, healthy conditions for rearing insects. Read more

University of California at Davis Plant Growth Chambers

University of California

The UCD Plant Growth Facility is the largest public installation of plant growth chambers and rooms in the U.S. Read more

Custom High Intensity Xenon Light Plant Growth Chamber

Custom Xenon Chamber

A plant growth chamber that integrates the ultraviolet-rich light source of xenon lamps. Read more

Conviron Green Leaf Award™ presented to Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

Inaugural Conviron Award

Conviron has presented the President of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center with the inaugural Conviron Green Leaf Award™. Read more

Controlled Environments for Tissue Culture

Tissue Culture Chambers

Deliver uniform temperature, humidity and light to ensure consistent results for a wide range of micropropagation programs. Read more

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia Plant Growth Chambers

CSIRO Australia Lab

Features multiple plant growth chambers specialized for low temperature work and experiments with tall plants. Read more

Conviron Plant Growth Chambers and Rooms

Corporate Overview

Conviron is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of plant growth chambers and rooms. Watch video