Valoya LEDs: Designed for Plant Growth

Conviron is the exclusive distributor of Valoya’s products to seed and biotech companies, government institutions and universities in North America, India, Australia and Brazil. Conviron also distributes Valoya LEDs to the commercial horticulture sector in various regions around the world. As a preferred partner, Conviron has full access to Valoya’s products, research and solutions base. Working collaboratively, we integrate Valoya’s technology into new and existing products to provide clients with high-performing, cost-effective LED lighting solutions.

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Valoya’s LED products are designed specifically for plant growth applications and therefore offer many benefits to plant researchers and facility managers. Valoya’s wide spectrum LED lights result in better yields and measurable energy savings. In addition to photosynthesis, Valoya’s unique spectra give valuable information to plants about their environment, allowing control of plant morphology and physiological traits.


Valoya B-Series LED Grow Light

B-series lights are bar shaped, thus suitable for installation where optimal uniformity is required. The form factor allows utilization of greenhouse structures in order to minimize shadow. B-series lights are used on hydroponic lines, as inter-lighting, roof lighting, in high intensity multilayer systems and in high intensity growth chambers and rooms.

  • Typical applications: High intensity lighting, growth rooms
  • Light intensity in typical applications: 100—800 μmol/m2/s
  • Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2, NS2, Architectural


Valoya R-Series LED Grow Light

The R-series form factor resembles traditional HID lighting and offers an easy to install option for one-to-one replacement of HID lights. R-series lights are thus ideal for a step by step investment in LEDs by replacing part of HID lights with more energy efficient Valoya wide spectrum LED lights. A highly durable fixture due to all aluminium build, high IP and passive cooling.

  • Typical applications: High intensity lighting, HID replacement
  • Light intensity in typical applications: 100—1000 μmol/m2/s
  • Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2, NS2, Architectural


Valoya L-Series LED Grow Light

The T8 form factor allows the L-series products to be installed in fluorescent tube fixtures without modification (fixtures with a magnetic ballast). Other installation options are cost effective, easy to install end caps with IP64 rating for e.g. testing purposes. L-series fixtures are available in T8 standard lengths (120 and 150 cm).

  • Typical applications: Plant factory/multilayer, growth chambers
  • Light intensity in typical applications: 20—150 μmol/m2/s
  • Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2


Valoya Bulb LED Grow Light

The 7W bulb replaces narrow band LED bulbs and traditional incandescent lights. Using a standard E27 socket, it is an easy to install option for existing light bulb applications where high quality light is required without excessive energy consumption.

  • Typical applications: Morphology manipulation, photoperiodic lighting
  • Light intensity in typical applications: Up to 10 μmol/m2/s
  • Available spectra: AP67, AP673, G2


Advanced Valoya LED Solution for Queen Mary University of London

Valoya drives Queen Mary University’s research into higher yields in agricultural crops in collaboration with Microsoft

Valoya, a leading provider of advanced plant lighting systems, worked with Microsoft Corp. to create next generation of state of the art lighting system using Valoya’s advanced LED lights, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology.

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