Conviron’s MTPS provides a multi-tier chamber based on a modular platform and is available in increments of 72 ft2 (6.6 m2). This chamber configuration is often used for research involving C3 and similar low light, short plants. This makes the chamber ideal for use in mass-screening projects and for sizeable plant propagation programs. Pressurized and perforated side-wall plenums deliver air across each of three independently lit tiers integrated into fixed shelving banks on either side of a center aisle way. Download data sheet

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Temperature Range +10°C to +35°C lights off
Growth Area 72ft2 (6.7m2)
Growth Height 22” (560mm)
External Dimensions 139” x 70” x 110.25” (3530mm x 1780mm x 2800mm)
Internal Capacity 366ft3 (10364l)
Electrical Service 120/208-3Ø-60Hz (220/380-3Ø-50Hz)
Light Intensity 275 μmoles/m2/s