The GR series of walk-in rooms, available in six standard sizes, is a highly economical platform for providing a controlled environment in a walk-in configuration. This series of chamber offers low to moderate level light intensities using multiple light canopies. The temperature range is narrower than on other Conviron walk-in chambers which affords greater energy efficiency and economy. The multi-lamp-canopy configuration enables researchers to have several experiments running simultaneously with plants at varying levels of maturity. Download data sheet

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Temperature Range +15°C – +35°C lights on
Growth Area 48ft2 (4.5m2)
Growth Height 80” (2030mm)
External Dimensions 116” x 116” x 102.25" (2950mm x 2950mm x 2600mm)
Internal Capacity 320ft3 (9061l)
Electrical Service 120/208-3Ø-60Hz (220/380-3Ø-50Hz)
Light Intensity 600 µmoles/m2/s
Weight 4200lb (1905kg)