Conviron’s DR Series dew rooms are uniquely designed for testing in a high (100% RH) humidity, or ‘saturated’ or ‘mist’, environment. A typical application in plant pathology, for example, is the testing of plants infected with disease where the high humidity promotes disease propagation. Dew rooms provide horizontal airflow with air discharge via a perforated side wall plenum. Lighting on the standard configuration is for visibility purposes only. To achieve the high humidity levels, the system employs (pre-coil) primary spray nozzles, which spray continuously, as well as a (post-coil) secondary cycling spray nozzles programmed by the user. Stainless steel is used on the interior for corrosion prevention. Download Data Sheet

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Temperature Range +18°C to +28°C
Growth Area contact Conviron
Growth Height contact Conviron
External Dimensions 13' 6" x 10' 7.5" x 9' 2.25" (4115mm x 3240mm x 2800mm)
Internal Capacity 790ft3 (22,370l)
Electrical Service 120/208-3Ø-60Hz (220/380-3Ø-50Hz)
Light Intensity contact Conviron
Weight contact Conviron