Environmental Rooms

Popular in the academic community and common among many research institutions are the use of environmental rooms. Often used to simulate very particular environmental conditions, these rooms are each designed for a very specific research application and are therefore typically one-of-a-kind designs.

Conviron environmental rooms carry a modular design and have been used for myriad research applications around the world. Because every project carries unique requirements and challenges, and given our 50 year history, our design group of over 35 engineers and technicians has developed a core intellectual knowledgebase dedicated to the design of unique, innovative, high-performance controlled environment systems. Whatever your needs, we have the ability to transform your vision into reality.

Given the unique requirements of such projects, we suggest you consult directly with Conviron as early in your development plans as possible. As a starting point, we offer a Project Questionnaire to assist with early-stage discussions.


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