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Walk-In Rooms

MTPS with Flex Option | GROWTH ROOM

Configured with the Flex option, an MTPS plant growth room becomes a highly adaptable environment for research programs requiring a range of plant heights and lighting intensities. The Flex option allows the MTPS to be converted from a tall plant/high light/single tier configuration to a short plant/low light/two or three-tier configuration. The flexible design means there is no need for special trades or services to adjust shelf height and airflow as research needs change. Simple plug-and-play design provides researchers with easily adjustable and removable cantilevered canopies.


The PGW40 equips the researcher with a walk-in environment accessible from two large doors on the front of the chamber. This model is ideally suited for research involving taller classified plants. The extended growth height ensures that most plants can be grown to full maturity within a moderate to high light regime. Also available with the PGW40 are low-temp options for running the chamber at temperatures below the standard 4˚C.


The GR series of walk-in rooms, available in six standard sizes, is a highly economical platform for providing a controlled environment in a walk-in configuration. This series of chamber offers low to moderate level light intensities using multiple light canopies. The temperature range is narrower than on other Conviron walk-in chambers which affords greater energy efficiency and economy. The multi-lamp-canopy configuration enables researchers to have several experiments running simultaneously with plants at varying levels of maturity.


Conviron’s DR Series dew rooms are uniquely designed for testing in a high (100% RH) humidity, or ‘saturated’ or ‘mist’, environment. A typical application in plant pathology, for example, is the testing of plants infected with disease where the high humidity promotes disease propagation. Dew rooms provide horizontal airflow with air discharge via a perforated side wall plenum. Lighting on the standard configuration is for visibility purposes only.


Conviron's SR Series seed storage rooms are based on a modular platform. These seed storage rooms are custom sized for each application and are suitable for both long term and medium term collections. Long term seed storage conditions are typically set to minus 18 degrees C while medium term collections are stored at 4 degrees C and 30 to 50% RH. Dehumidification is provided using a chemical dehumidifier. Several different cooling methods are available while complete mechanical system redundancy is also available where required.


The TCR walk-in room provides a multi-tier modular platform available in increments of 60ft2 (5.6m2). This makes the TCR chamber suitable for research involving plant tissue culture and is often used within large micropropagation programs. The solid side wall plenums transfer air to individual air shelves ensuring upward airflow from each individual shelf, which is essential in mitigating condensation within media dishes. Download data sheet


Conviron’s MTPS provides a multi-tier chamber based on a modular platform and is available in increments of 72 ft2 (6.6 m2). This chamber configuration is often used for research involving C3 and similar low light, short plants. This makes the chamber ideal for use in mass-screening projects and for sizeable plant propagation programs. Pressurized and perforated side-wall plenums deliver air across each of three independently lit tiers integrated into fixed shelving banks on either side of a center aisle way.


The BDW series walk-in chamber is based on a modular platform available in increments of 40 ft2 (3.7 m2). These units offer a precise chamber environment typical of research involving C4 high-light plants grown to maturity. Unique to this product is the top-down airflow pattern which ensures consistent plant canopy temperatures throughout the chamber. Spectral aluminum on the interior walls produces exceptional light uniformity, while the discreet lamp loft area uses a separate cooling system to mitigate heat produced by the lighting system.