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5th International Controlled Environment Conference | AusPheno 2016

September 23, 2016 | Canberra, Australia

From September 18 to 23 the joint 5th International Controlled Environment Conference / Aus Pheno 2016 brought together the Australian and international plant science community in Canberra, Australia. The conference was organized in association with both the UK CEUG (Controlled Environment User Group) and the North American NCERA-101 (North Central Extension & Research Activity). The UK CEUG and NCERA-101 help plant scientists, managers of controlled environment facilities and other interested users of controlled environments understand how to use plant growth chamber technology effectively and consistently to ensure comparable growth data.

AusPheno Sealed Chamber Presentation

This year’s conference in Canberra brought together over 150 delegates and 15 exhibitors for six days of discussion of controlled environments alongside the rapidly evolving discipline of plant phenomics. Topics included:

  • Developments in Controlled Environments
  • Phenomics Imaging Technologies
  • Phenomics Data Management
  • Controlled Environment Automation
  • Research in Controlled Environments and Phenomics
  • Field Phenomics
  • Light, Temperature, Humidity
  • Survey of New Controlled Environments and Phenomics Facilities
  • Vertical Farming : The Nexus between Controlled Environments, Automation and Phenomics Technologies

Researchers utilizing Conviron chambers presented on a range of topics including the use of sealed environment technology and the effects of far red light on cereal vernalisation and flowering time. Click here or on the presentation image to read the abstract from a University of Guelph study using a sealed Conviron plant growth chamber.

Conviron, together with Argus Controls, was proud to participate in this conference by sending five people from our offices in Canada, the UK and Australia. As a Platinum sponsor for this meeting, Conviron thanks the speakers on their contributions and congratulates the organizing committee on a well prepared, educational and enjoyable meeting in Canberra.