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Conviron’s reach-in plant growth chambers and walk-in rooms provide precise, uniform, and repeatable control of temperature, light, humidity, dehumidification, CO2, and other environmental conditions.

Plant scientists around the world have come to rely on Conviron’s plant growth chambers and rooms to accommodate a wide variety of research applications, deliver repeatable experimentation conditions, and drive scientific discovery. Below is a small sampling of research studies that have relied on the use Conviron equipment:

Model Year Document Title Publication
A1000 2015 Plos One
A1000 2015 Royal Society of Chemistry
A1000 2015 Plos One
ATC26 2015 Bio-Protocol
BDR16 2015 Annals of Botany
BDR16 2015 Tree Physiology
BDW 2015 FDA
BDW 2015 New Phytologist
E7/2 2015 Frontiers in Plant Science
E7/2 2015 Moleculary Biology and Evolution